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Black Bird Singing In The Dead Of Night

take these broken wings and learn to fly

7 October 1988
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  • KiraXsama
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what is this thing?
-zachary jade
-7th of october, 1988
-artist, writer, singer, pirate, high functioning sociopath
-in a happy relationship
-obsessive, slightly compulsive
-RED team
-usually the second Robin, but sometimes the fifth
what are its likes and dislikes?
likes: writing, reading, drawing, listening to music, blogging about nonsense, musicals/plays, hoodies, nerds candy, shiny and rusty bits of metal, large headphones, black, purple, pink, and grey/silver

anime/manga: bleach, chrono crusade, dead man wonderland, death note, demon diary, dogs, dn angel, eerie queerie, eyeshield 21, fullmetal alchemist, full metal panic!, gravitation, inuyasha, jing: king of bandits, legal drug, outlaw star, paradise kiss, pet shop of horrors, shutterbox tengen toppa gurren lagann, trigun, trinity blood, vassalord, wolf’s rain, and quite a few others

other comics: batman, flash, johnny the homicidal maniac (and anything else by jhonen vasquez), the less than epic adventures of tj and amal, the sandman series (and anything else by neil gaiman)

authors: poppy z. brite, mark z. danielewski, neil gaiman, christopher guiterrez, stephen king, jeff lindsay, christopher moore, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, and many others

dislikes: ignorance, riding busses, bad hygene, poor english, not having enough time to do things, losing the game, brown, extremely hot or cold weather, stupidity, the list just keeps on going...
how does one contact it?
leave a comment or
e-mail: beyondx13[at]gmail[dot]com
aim: kiraXsama
msn: beyond13[at]live[dot]com
tumblr: jasonandchilidogs
twitter: fingerstripes
wait, what now?
friends only, for various reasons. comment here to be added.

and while we’re at it, have an intro post.
|| all the colours | upon leaving | all will fade to grey ||
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spoon sharing
"i-am-vengence i-am-the-(k)night", "tell-me-i'm-what-you-hate-most-in-this-world", CAPSLOCK, SAKUJO!, (...), *poke*, 11:11, a-little-help-comes-in-a-little-glass-vial, ancient mythology, and-in-that-moment-i-swear-we-were-infinite, anime, batman's sidekicks, being-a-smith-puget-magnet, books, boys in eyeliner, c132983h211861n36149o40883s693, cats, chicken horses, chocolate peppermint soy milk, cinematic adventures, coffee, concerts, corvidae corvus, creative processes, cuddles, cycle-images-sounds-and-feelings-during-sleep, decadence doesn’t mean pretty, destroying the fourth wall, dogma, don't-call-me-eyepatch, doom doom doom, duct tape, edgar allen poe, final fantasy, fingerstripes, forced insomnia, forest lawn cemetery, free hugs, gimpy quincy, gmail - inbox (1), good omens, grayling, haemoglobin-is-the-key-to-a-healthy-heart-beat, handcuffs, heave-ho thieves-and-beggars never-shall-we-die, i'm gonna live forever, i-remember-doing-the-time-warp, iced cappuccino, incidentally, inky needles, invisible ink, it's-whatever i-like-to-party, jack and sally, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp with eyeliner, jthm, karma, krispy kream donuts, llama llama duck, masala chai, memento, moogles, most european accents, my-drill-is-a-drill-that-will-pierce-the-heavens, my-fandom-is-on-crack, neil gaiman, new orleans, ninjas and pirates, not-getting-eaten-by-zombies, obsessions, oscar wilde, otters are bitchy necrophiliacs, oversized goggles, oxymorons, panthera tigris, penguins-and platypuses-are-adorably-awkward, piercings, pilot extra-fine v-ball grip, pink jelly bracelets, plastic silverwear, poppy z. brite, precipitation-in-the-form-of-crystalline-water, r-o-y-g-b-i-v, reptiles, rusted and/or shiny metal, safety pins, scissors, severus snape, shirtless-jensen-and-jared-hour, silver, sirius-orion-black-and-his-little-brother-regulus, skeleton keys, sobe caps, sporks, spot coffee, springs, star numbers, stars, stephen king, suicide circle, that-guy-with-the-face, the colour grey, the colour pink, the colour purple (no-not-the-movie), the crow, the straight edge, the-atomic-number-of-aluminum, the-first-rule-of-fight-club..., the-grim-adventures-of-billy-and-mandy, the-phantom-of-the-opera-is-there-inside-your-mind, the-way-certain-words-taste, this-was-a-therapeutic-chain-of-events, tim burton, tiny-pieces-of-light-reflecting-decorative-matter, tree-snake-snake-in-a-tree, twincest, unicorns, vampires, vwoorp vwoorp vwoorp, will & grace, wincest, writing-fanfics-on-scrap-paper-during-exams, your-mom’s-a-dubious-kraken, zombies, “as you wish”, , アイシールド21, デスノート, ブリーチ, 嫉妬